Bespoke Bifold Doors for Commercial use

Restaurateurs and hoteliers are investing money in design and materials to create the most pleasing ambience for their customers, whilst maximising revenues. Origin Bi-fold Doors, which create a seamless, trip-free link between indoors and outdoors for alfresco dining, are becoming increasingly popular for commercial use. Made of premium-grade aluminium, Origin Bi-fold Doors are innately strong, durable and thermally efficient, making them the best choice for commercial use.

Operating from Dubai, whilst covering the whole of the Middle East, for almost a decade, Origin Bi-fold Doors are completely bespoke, highly durable and suitable for a range of sectors, including retail, hotels and restaurants. Our commercial Bi-fold Doors come with a 1 year warranty, which covers all door components as well as powder-coating. Alternatively, you can opt for our 5 year service and maintenance solution, giving your business the support it needs to succeed.

Premium-grade aluminium

Extremely strong, yet weighing 67% less than steel, Origin use a premium grade aluminium for its Bi-fold Doors. By only using prime billets of aluminium, Origin Bi-fold Doors offer unparalleled strength and security that you simply can’t find with other manufacturers.

Due to the innate strength of premium grade aluminium, Origin are also able to offer very slim sightlines, complex door layouts to fit any opening, and a high quality, scratch resistant smooth powder coating finish. Especially important in hotels and restaurants, when staff and customers will be using the doors daily, our 1 year guarantee covers all door components as well as the powder coating finish.

Aluminium brings benefits that you can’t see - as well as what you can see. Origin Bi-fold Doors are physically very secure, virtually maintenance-free, energy efficient and highly durable. Easy to clean and operate, Origin Doors are also extremely resilient, so they won’t flex, corrode or warp in varying weather conditions.

Needless to say, the aluminium we use at Origin is far from average and is guaranteed to offer strength, style and security to any premises.

Quick lead times options

We deliver the fastest and most flexible service in the door and windows industry. Our doors are designed, developed and manufactured in our factory in Britain, which gives us more control over the supply chain than many of our competitors, allowing us to offer the industry’s best lead times. We offer two delivery methods - air freight and sea freight - which offer flexibility depending on your specific requirements.

Air freight

Benefit from our quickest lead times with air freight delivery. Air freight is the fastest, most reliable and secure shipping method available, allowing us to get your Origin Bi-fold Doors to you in 10 to 15 working days.

Sea freight

If you don’t require your doors right away, then sea freight is an eco-friendly and cost-friendly shipping method. Choosing sea freight will allow us to get your Origin Bi-fold Doors to you in as little as 5 to 7 weeks.

Inspired by colour

With over 150 colours to choose from, and a range of available finishes and dual colour options, the power is truly in your hands to create a style that suits your business. From earthy greens and browns to bright yellows and pinks, our colour guide is guaranteed to offer inspiration. Many of our colours also come available in either a matt, satin or gloss finish.

What’s more, we offer a dual colour option, allowing you to choose a different colour for the interior and exterior door frames. Incorporate your Origin Bi-fold Doors with your interior design by either matching or contrasting interior frame colours, creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing space for your business. Similarly, whether you want to keep your exterior frames modest or opt for more vibrant colours, the choice is entirely yours.

Safety taken seriously

Safety and reliability are very important when running a business, so keeping your staff and customers’ safety a priority is key. That’s why we’ve incorporated a wide range of safety features into our Bi-fold Doors that we consider necessary for commercial use.

Our finger-safe gaskets keep fingers from getting trapped when the doors are closing, providing a soft buffer between the frames. We’ve also added magnetic catches that hold the doors in place while you operate them, keeping them controlled and ensuring the doors don’t slam shut in a breeze.

If you’re required to provide wheelchair access, then we offer a flush threshold option, which creates a seamless link between indoors and outdoors. A flush threshold - also known as a non-weathered threshold - is designed to limit trip hazards, as well as provide wheelchair access, which may be useful if your Bi-fold Doors are in an area that will get a lot of use.

Keeping energy bills low

Featuring a polyamide thermal break, our aluminium door frames offer effective thermal performance to keep your property cool in the summer and energy bills low. Poor energy efficiency can cost businesses money, especially in hotter climates when air conditioning is required. Our Bi-fold Doors offer exceptional thermal performance, ensuring no cool air conditioning is lost via the door frames. Origin Bi-fold Doors boast a U-Value of 1.32 - offering optimum thermal efficiency.

Excellent acoustic performance

Creating the right environment for your customers to relax and enjoy themselves is essential - so why let outside noise ruin it? With Origin Doors, you can say goodbye to noisy streets, loud aeroplanes and more when combined with high quality glazing. Our Doors offer excellent soundproofing abilities so you can shut the outdoors when you need to.